This page is under construction. Its intent is to provide an overview of NY state geography and government structures at the state, county and local levels. Valuable points of contact and on-line resources will also be made known. It is tailored to be a source of information for those who may be considering, or those who have been, assigned location in the state.   New York is relatively large, with a significant population, major urban centers, and a varied geography - from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, the Adirondack / Catskill Mountains, and significant expanses of farming land.
New York State General Information
"Western New York" (WNY) is a frequently used term that is casually used by New Yorkers, but somewhat confusing to someone who is not familiar with the state. As a general description , its northern border consists of the western half of Lake Ontario, and and Lake Erie to the west. The southern border is the Pennsylvania state line. The eastern  border runs roughly southwest from Lake Ontario to the Penn state line, along the borders of  four of its counties The cities of Buffalo and Rochester are the largest urban centers, and Niagara falls its most famous tourist attaction. Several Reservations for various Native American tribes are spread throughout the area.
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